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Religion of Fitness

Religion of Fitness was born out of personal inspiration. Growing up as an overweight kid in Pakistan I migrated to the United States as a teenager. Underwear modeling inspired me, and I lost weight to follow my dream of becoming a fitness model. But the dream was short-lived, and I fell into the dark side of partying, drugs, and alcohol which led me to hit rock bottom. It was fitness that saved me and changed my life forever. It became my religion! Working out I found peace and focus of doing productive things in life. My love for self-improvement through body transformation led me to want to give others hope and motivation to bring out the best version of themselves. After 15 years I went back to visit family in Pakistan and then Covid happened. I got stuck and couldn’t leave the country for almost three months. It was then I saw the suffering of homeless animals across Lahore while helping my brother. Unlike the United States these animals are poisoned, shot, and run over by cars. I realized there were no resources to help them other than my brother who feeds them every day. He literally spends seven hours a day traveling to different regions of the city to feed them and get them medical attention. The problem was far worse than I realized and more than he could handle. There are thousands of animals that need to be spayed and neutered to control the overpopulation. Religion of Fitness was created not only to inspire self-improvement but also to be the voice for homeless animals. Through each quality apparel purchase you will be helping spay/neuter, feed, shelter, and provide veterinary care for them. Our mission is to control the overpopulation and provide a sanctuary where they will be safe.

Look good and do good! Get your religion on!

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